We support you in creating a Health-Conscious Home for your Higher Self through the lens of building science

Whether you’re building new, renovating, or simply looking to improve the health of your existing space, we’re here to help you navigate. By looking at your environment holistically we’ll outline the steps you need to take so you can feel safe and confident that your home is supporting your health.

one of the most challenging parts…

of our journey (and I’m sure yours, too!) is how isolating it can feel to have people you love not believe that you’re actually dealing with health issues stemming from your environment. Despite our doctor’s confirming it, people have a hard time believing that their environment might be the root cause of any health issue or symptom.

We’ve done our best to compile a list of resources and research showing the detrimental impacts our environment can have and WHY it’s important to consider our environment if we’re struggling.  Our hope is that this research can educate mold, chemical, or EMF skeptics!

We believe the key to a healthy home is prevention, purification, preservation, and patience!
We believe our environment plays a critical role in our health.
We believe that you should feel safe in your home.
We believe that what goes in your walls is just as important as what hangs on your walls.
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our mission

After years of struggling with mysterious health issues, we learned the importance that our environments have on our health and our LIFE.  Our environment impacts how we are able to show up in the world, in our relationships, at work, and for ourselves. 

Our mission is to guide you in creating an environment that supports your health, because your home should be part of the solution, not the problem. 

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