We support individuals who have been impacted by their environment create safe, nurturing spaces.

Are you overwhelmed with information after realizing your environment is playing a role in your health?


Don’t worry, we were too and we’re here to help you navigate the process…

We’re seeing a growing number of auto-immune conditions, biotoxin illnesses, multiple chemical sensitivities, symptoms such as respiratory issues, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, and even electromagnetic hypersensitivity from man-made electromagnetic fields. We believe that these are all symptoms caused by environmental toxins.

We realize modern-day building techniques aren’t always considered with our health in mind and there are a lot of moving pieces in construction. Whether you need support in “cleaning up” your existing home or you’re renovating or building a new home, we will guide you through the process so you can remove and prevent health hazards and create a space where you feel safe and nurtured.

With all of this information, you’re probably wondering, “Where do I even start?”


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Meet Ashley

After years of struggling with health issues I tested positive for mycotoxins in my system.

A diagnosis was only the beginning. The steps to heal from mold exposure were daunting, and I struggled to find the location of the mold and the resources to remove it the right way. At the same time, I was awakened to so many other people struggling with the same issues.


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