We support health conscious individuals who have been impacted by their environment create safe, nurturing spaces.

Awakening Spaces helps health conscious homeowners who have been impacted by mold, chemicals, and EMFs go from overwhelmed, confused, and lonely to feeling empowered, educated, and comforted.

Whether you’re renovating, building new, or looking to improve your existing space, we’re here to help you navigate the massive project you’re taking on by looking at your environment holistically and outlining the steps you need to take so that you can feel confident that your home is supporting your health and you can get back to your life.

We believe our environment plays a critical role in our health.
We believe that you should feel safe in your home.
We believe that what goes in your walls is just as important as what hangs on your walls.
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Hi, I’m Ashley!

After years of struggling with mysterious health issues, I tested positive for mycotoxins in my system—from mold exposure. I learned that to begin “detoxing” I had many environmental changes to make if I wanted to heal… I struggled to find the source of the issues and knowing what resources to turn to in order to remove the toxins safely.  Going through the experience of researching and transitioning my own space, I redirected my interior design career to focus on how we can get to the root cause of environmental issues.

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How to Deep Clean Your Home After a Renovation for Better Air Quality

Feeling a little panicked that you moved into a new home without realizing the offgassing can contribute to poor health? This guide will equip you with methods and resources to quickly reduce your exposure to the typical chemicals found in newly renovated or newly built conventional homes.

The process of creating a healthy space is confusing and there’s a lot of moving pieces that contribute to the greater whole. We support you in making changes to your existing home, renovating, or building an entirely new home.

You want to feel safe in your home, but In most modern building techniques and materials, your health and long-term risks are not often considered.  This can be a problem that’s contributing to many chronic health issues.  We’re here to give you the clarity you need to stop stressing about what’s right.

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