Tap Score Advanced City Water Testing Kit

The most comprehensive water test kit that we know of.  We highly recommend testing your water annually as it can change. 


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The Tap Score Advanced City Water Test is a comprehensive and reliable water quality testing kit that provides an accurate and detailed analysis of water contaminants. This test package is recommended by SimpleLab™ as an ideal baseline for water quality testing in any home, building, or facility served by a water utility.

The test package includes all the required materials to properly collect and submit a water sample for certified laboratory testing, and the results will include a detailed analysis of water quality parameters, such as pH, hardness, alkalinity, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, lead, copper, arsenic, and many others.

With the Tap Score Advanced City Water Test, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your water is safe and free from harmful contaminants that can have adverse effects on health. Poor water quality can lead to a variety of health problems, including gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and even cancer. By testing their water quality, you can identify and address any potential health risks associated with the water supply.

Overall, the Tap Score Advanced City Water Test is an essential tool for anyone concerned about the quality of their water. Its reliable and accurate results provide customers with valuable information about the safety of their water, and help them make informed decisions about how to improve the quality and protect the health of their homes.