Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction Vacuum

This is our favorite, go-to vacuum for homes that have all hard surfaces.  We feel like Miele is top of the line when it comes to vacuums!

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With its powerful suction and exceptional cleaning performance, this vacuum is an excellent choice for households looking to improve their indoor air quality.

Equipped with a 1200-watt motor, this vacuum has impressive suction power that easily removes dirt, dust, and allergens from floors and carpets. Additionally, the six-stage rotary selector allows you to adjust the suction level according to the surface you are cleaning.

The Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction comes with several accessories that make cleaning even more effortless. It includes a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice nozzle, all of which can be conveniently stored on the VarioClip. This vacuum also features a long electrical cord and a telescopic wand, providing extended reach for cleaning those hard-to-reach places.

One of the essential features of the Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction is its sealed system. This system ensures that all the air that enters the vacuum passes through the filter bag, leaving no room for dust and allergens to escape. This feature is particularly crucial for individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma as it helps keep the air in your home free of allergens and dust.

Furthermore, the Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction Bagged Canister Vacuum comes with an AirClean filter, which captures 99.9% of dust, dirt, and allergens down to 0.3 microns. For individuals with allergies or respiratory issues, a HEPA filter can be purchased separately, which further improves air quality by capturing even smaller particles.