JRS Eco 100 Router

Looking to void EMFs? Unlike conventional routers, the JRS ECO router focuses on reducing electromagnetic radiation exposure. The router’s low electromagnetic radiation levels can help mitigate potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields.  

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The JRS Eco 100 Router is a high-quality wireless router that has been designed with health and well-being in mind. If you are concerned about the impact of wireless radiation on your health, then this is the router for you.

The JRS Eco 100 router has been specifically engineered to reduce exposure to harmful wireless radiation. It operates at lower power levels and emits significantly less electromagnetic radiation than standard routers. Specifically, the router enables a Full Eco standby mode with 0% electromagnetic emission when no wireless devices are connected. It also switches the wireless signal back on immediately when you enable wifi on your device or open the list of available networks. Even when wireless is active, it has an up to 90% reduced pulse frequency. This reduction in radiation levels can lead to an improvement in your indoor environment and can help to reduce your risk of developing health problems associated with exposure to wireless radiation.

In addition to its health benefits, the JRS Eco 100 router is also a high-performance device that offers fast and reliable wireless connectivity. It is easy to set up and use, and its sleek and modern design will complement any home decor.

It also comes with JRS firmware installed, which includes:
Wireless scheduler.
Fine adjustment of range with ten steps.
Wireless on/off button.
Dual-band: additional channels at 5 GHz for higher speed and capacity.
Detachable antennas allow for the insertion of additional attenuators (optional).
USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports for sharing files or USB print server.
Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.
No loss of speed, stability, or range compared to ordinary wireless routers. AC 1900 with 400 Mbps+ real measured speed (Speedtest.net).
Firmware updates included.
2 years warranty.

Investing in a JRS Eco 100 router is a smart choice for anyone who wants to improve their indoor environment and protect their health. With its advanced features and low-radiation emissions, this router is the perfect choice for health-conscious consumers who want the best possible wireless connectivity without sacrificing their well-being.