Every home needs these to monitor the relative humidity.  We recommend having these in all of the “wet locations” of your home and maintaining a relative humidity between 30-50% RH. 


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By accurately measuring temperature and humidity, the ThermoPro TP50 helps you to maintain a comfortable living environment that is optimal for your health. 

Why is Humidity Important?

Relative humidity, expressed as a percentage, indicates the amount of moisture in the air compared to the maximum amount it can hold. This measurement is crucial because it impacts both our health and the condition of indoor spaces. When humidity is too low, it can cause dryness, affect surfaces like wood, and create an environment suitable for viruses. Conversely, high humidity can lead to microbial growth, dust mite proliferation, surface damage, and condensation.

To ensure a healthy and safe indoor environment, it’s important to monitor humidity in real-time. By promptly addressing any deviations that cause levels to become too high or too low, you can maintain a balanced and comfortable space.

The ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer can help with this by accurately measuring the amount of humidity in the air you’re always aware of changes to your home/household with just a quick glance. It also provides you with the temperature and high/low levels to allow you to make proper comparisons using your home’s data.