our ducts are the lungs of our home. proper maintenance and prevention will go a long way in supporting your home's indoor air quality.

after many failed, subpar duct cleanings that left my home dirtier than when we started…

I began researching and learning everything I could about duct cleaning in an effort to find a company who could do the job RIGHT.  A bad duct cleaning could leave you with a damaged system, a health flare-up, and spending WAY more money than you ended up budgeting for… trust me, I’ve been there. 

We created this guide to help you avoid making the same mistakes we did and to empower you to understand your home better!

Along the way, we’ve learned that duct cleaning really is the wild, wild west and it’s critical to micromanage your project to ensure its success.  This guide was developed to make your life easier in the process. 

a peak inside...

This 13 page document is intended to support your with how to properly clean your ducts so you can avoid costly mistakes and damages to your home and your system.  

For $47 you will finally understand:

  • What you need to know about when it comes to cleaning your ducts.
  • Types of ductwork that might be in your home. 
  • Different duct cleaning techniques that are out there. 
  • Questions to ask yourself before cleaning your ducts.
  • Tips for finding the right company with explanations. 
  • Question sheet you can use to vet local duct cleaning companies. 
  • Duct cleaning company red flags. 
  • What to do after you’ve cleaned your ducts.