Banjicraft Natural Diatomite Toothbrush Holder

Keep your sink countertop dry with this fast drying toothbrush holder.  The bottom of a standard toothbrush holder is usually a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, but not with these quick drying toothbrush holders.


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The Banjicraft Natural Diatomite Toothbrush Holder is a bathroom accessory that provides a natural and safe way to store toothbrushes and manual razors. It is made of diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is highly porous and has excellent absorption properties. This material helps to absorb moisture from the razor and prevents the growth of bacteria and mold, which are common problems in damp bathroom environments.

The holder has a large caliber and low height, which makes it perfect for holding toothbrushes, manual razors, and more. It measures 3.3 inches in diameter and 0.6 inches in height, providing a stable and secure base for the razor. 

Using the Banjicraft Natural Diatomite Toothbrush Holder can improve indoor air quality and the health of your home. Keeping your toothbrush and razor dry and clean reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal growth in your bathroom. This can help prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms and reduce the risk of infections and allergic reactions.