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All the brands and products mentioned below are either used by or trusted and approved by Awakening Spaces LLC.  If you choose to make a purchase through any one of our provided links, Awakening Spaces may make a small affiliate commission; which provides support we are always thankful for.  Although we suggest these product, we are all bio-individuals –  so what works for us might not always work for you!  It took a lot of trial and error to find the right products for us, so we hope you can use these products as a starting point for your own healthy home discovery. Thank you now and always for supporting us!

Austin Air HEPA Air Purifiers


Designed to address your everyday air quality concerns.

Effectively removes bacteria and aerosolized viruses larger than 0.1 microns.

Developed specifically for people with asthma and allergies.

Designed to give you the ultimate protection against allergens, chemicals, VOC’s, bacteria and viruses.

Moisture Management Tools

Moisture management is essential in preventing mold issues within your home. Keeping a healthy relative humidity level between 30-45% is ideal in maintaining a healthy home.  The tools below will help you keep your home at an optimal relative humidty. 

EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) Protection

EMR stands for Electro-Magnetic Radiation.  This is an all encompassing term to describe the frequencies coming from man made electrical devices or the earths magnetic field. Because we are bio-electrical beings, these frequencies can impact our bodies bio-chemistry and should be avoided. EMFs come from a range electrical devices but the most common are from building electrical wiring, power lines, cellphone towers, cellphones, WiFi routers, computers, and other things that may be plugged in or used as a smart device.  Below are some products that can support you in limiting your exposure to these harmful frequencies.

Measures radio frequencies from cellphones, WiFi, and Smart meters in the low and mid 200MHz-8GHz bands.

Device that supports the body from the harmful impacts of EMFs and structures water. We use the ultra green medic and love it. Use code AS10 for 10% off!
Low EMF router with on/off switch so you can hardwire in and turn WiFi off when not in use.
Kill switch with remote to easily turn WiFi on and off from bed at night.
Limit EMF exposure from your cellphone by using a protective case.
Use this cover to shielf the Radio Frquencies being emitted from you or your neighbors Smart Meter.
Use this dongle to hardwire your phone into ethernet so you can turn off cell service and WiFi while using your device.
Protect your brain from radiation by using these airtube headphones from Tech Wellness.

air and Water Quality Tools

Water quality is very important in our homes and goes further than our drinking water. It tales 26 seconds for our bodies to absorb water through the skin in the shower or bath. Below our some tools that can be used for water testing and filtration throughout the home.
This is a comprehensive at home water testing kit so you know which filter is best for you.

Have clean water while you shower helps to protect hair and skin and avoid absorbing toxins that are in the water.

Have clean water while you bath. This is especially important since you’ll be sitting for a longer period of time and soaking in the water.

Breathable MERV 13 air filters for your HVAC from Nano Air Solutions. Use code ‘Awakening’ for 15% off.

A portable air filter that plugs into a duplex outlet in the wall and is great for travel! Use code ‘AS10’ for 10% off.

An easy to clean humidifier for when the relative humidity needs balanced in the winter months. Use code AwakeningSpaces15 for 15% off your order.

helpful cleaning supplies

Non-toxic cleaning doesn’t have to be hard.  We like to keep it to a minimum when it comes to cleaning and only have the essentials. Below are some things we suggest for every non-toxic home cleaning supply cabinet.

homegoods and furnishings

Below out are of our favorite items for your newly Awakened Space! Voted on for cleanability, durability, aesthetic, and the overall betterment for you and the planet.
Aesthetically pleasing, easily to clean electric tea kettle.
Easily cleanable French press that keeps beverage warm while it steeps.
A one stop shop for healthy furniture.

healthy pet owner essentials

Having a healthy home is HARD with pets, but we love our fur babies and we’re not giving them up. Here’s somethings that we use with our German Shepherds, Jesse James and Atlas,  to keep them clean, healthy, and happy! 

Pups will see quicker muscle recovery, boosted immune support, help with skin allergies, improved digestion, and heavy metal detox. Use code AS25 for 25% off!

Diatomaceous earth (a quick drying stone) helps keeps floor dry around pets bowl. Use code ‘AS15’ for 15% off.

personal care and other biohacking essentials

Below out are of our favorite items for your newly Awakened Space! Voted on for cleanability, durability, aesthetic, and the overall betterment for you and the planet.

Our favorite non-toxic deodorant. Charcoal is our personal favorite, but can be really detoxifying and possibly too much for those who are still really sensitive. Use code AS10 for 10% off.

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Feeling a little panicked that you moved into a new home without realizing the offgassing can contribute to poor health?  This guide will equip you with methods and resources to quickly reduce your exposure to the typical chemicals found in newly renovated or newly built conventional homes.