new build + renovation consulting

Are you building a new home or renovating your home and looking for guidance on how to prevent exposure to mold, chemicals, and EMFs?

You’re likely here because you’ve seen what an unhealthy home looks like and you’re ready to start building your dream space the “right” way. We firmly believe that with the right stops in place, we can prevent our homes from ruining our health.  We are excited to support you through this process, because there’s so many amazing things we can do for our wellness when we start fresh.

With this service, we help you in create a non-toxic home that builds in “insurance” so you’re not spending thousands when you have a water loss event. Better yet, we look at how we can avoid those all together.  

Creating this healthy oasis can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming, which is why we have created an organized way to deliver you all of the information you need following each phase of design.

Your journey to success will begin with a 90-minute ZOOM kick-off call where we will outline your goals and lay the foundation for your newly Awakened Home.


  • You’re building or renovating a home.
  • You’re passionate about creating an indoor space that promotes your well-being. 
  • You want to take the guesswork out of choosing the right products, materials, and layout plans.
  • You want help finding the perfect health-conscious team, including an architect, builder, and inspector.
  • You want trusted strategies to eliminate indoor contaminants like mold, chemicals, and EMF. 
  • You need a health-conscious expert to help manage your project from start to finish.
  • You want to eliminate stress during the entire process.


  • A series of ZOOM calls and email support during each phase of the project
  • Site selection overview 
  • Detailed Resources to guide you through each phase of design.
  • Working with your team to ensure the layout and design considerations are geared toward home health 
  • Detailed lists of finishes, appliances, plumbing, and lighting requirements that support wellness
  • Product review and vetting for safety
  • Council on how to work with the construction team to ensure the correct building steps are being taken
  • Answers to any questions you may have throughout the entire process
  • Directions on how to maintain your healthy home after moving in.

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