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If you’re a health conscious homeowner who’s looking for an interior designer to design your space in a way that prevents exposure to harmful mold, chemicals, and electromagnetic radiation and increases your ability to live a healthy lifestyle, you’re in the right place.

Are you health-conscious homeowner and determined to create a living space that promotes your well-being? Look no further! We specialize in interior design and crafting homes that are not only visually stunning but also prioritize your health and wellness.

Every space we help with interior design has a unique, special emphasis on

Lowering your risk of water damage
Reducing harmful chemical exposure
Mitigating non-native electromagnetic radiation
Promoting wellness through lighting and circadian rhythm 
Minimizing the maintenance necessary to support a healthy home
Spaces that encourage interaction with nature
Designing dwellings akin to the rhythms of nature

We go beyond “eco-friendly” because we understand that “green” does not mean “healthy” and that health goes far beyond diet and exercise.

We believe that a healthy home begins with proper planning, coordination, and communication between all parties to the project. We have outlined our process below so you can anticipate what is coming every step of the way during your interior design.

things we support you with during interior design

  • Space planning and laying out your new space (interior walls only)
  • Putting together vision boards with inspiration images
  • Selecting all finishes, plumbing/lighting fixtures, and furnishings that portray your unique interior design aesthetic and putting together a materials palette board.
  • Drawing and detailing an interior design construction set for the contractor to build off of. 
  • Communicating your goals with the contractor.
  • Making sure the final interior design is implemented per the construction set.
  • Making sure your health is considered at each step of the way (our healthy home consulting services are rolled into interior design services at no additional charge).

please note

If you’re not looking for an interior designer who will design your space, provide aesthetic direction, and select your finishes, but rather you want someone to guide you on materials and strategies for a healthier home and/or act as your healthy home advocate you may be better suited to our Renovation, New Build, Altered Space, or Mindful Materials consultation packages.

examples of our work

What's your design Process?

In this initial phase, we will kick-off your healthy home project.  During this time we support your new “Home Awakening” by gathering all of the details we need in order to bring your vision to life. During the programming phase, we take time to understand your program/project goals.  What are your goals for each specific room, cabinetry, finishes? We want to understand how you will be using the space so that we can best design to your lifestyle and healthy home goals.


  • Project Onboarding and access to shared client portal/google drive. Get set-up with Pinterest (we will review images together at Visioning Session).
  • Support (if needed) with finding the right team of Architects, Builders, Building Science Envelope consultants, Mechanical engineers, and Inspectors.
  • We review floor plans, inspiration images, and other project details to understand the project scope.
  • Discuss high level healthy home strategies to prevent mold, avoid chemicals, and reduce EMF exposure.
During this phase you are working to develop floor plans and room layouts and making sure all of your wish list items can fit within the space.  We work with the Architect/Builder to make sure we’re all on the same page in terms of health.  We are learning what your design style is so that we can begin tackling the in-depth Design Development phase. During this phase, we nail down the design in 2D – this means all of the walls are planned and the floor plan is set in stone at the end of the phase.


  • Meet and Greet with the existing project team!
  • We develop a preliminary floor plan in Revit and get the sheets together based on the measurements we’ve taken/floor plan dimensions given to us.
  • We review the plan together with all of your “have to haves” notated in so we are ready to begin design.
  • We have a visioning session where we review your design aesthetic in detail so we can begin selecting materials and laying out the plan.
  • We create a preliminary set of design plans to review together to confirm we understand your intent.

This phase should not start until you have a FINAL 2D floor plan.  If Floor plans are not set in stone at this point, this phase may require more time.  Once we start adding finishes, changing the floor plan requires more effort.  If the 2D floor plan is set in stone then at this point, we have a good sense of what your project goals are and we have strong feel for your aesthetic.  Now we are ready to jump into the fun part! During this phase, we begin to deeply evaluate products and materials for your project and pull together your design vision, all while considering your health.


  • DD Meeting #1:</b> We will meet to review a digital presentation to see if you like the direction we are heading.  At this meeting, you will see a Visioning Board where we have links to physical products, We provide 2D imagery to walk you through the space to give you a sense of where we think certain materials should be.  If you approve the digital board with minor revisions, we move to DD#2.
  • DD Meeting #2:</b> We have made whatever changes needed to be made per our previous meeting and we have the physical samples sent and shipped to your house (or meet on site if you’re local to Denver)! We review the changes and physical samples together at DD #2. 
  • <li><b>DD Meeting #3:</b> We finalize the design set to include any and all comments you have after seeing the physical samples and sitting with the design for a bit. 
  • <li><b>At this point</b> we will have selected appliances (we need these for size), plumbing fixtures, Lighting fixtures, mirrors and other fixed accessories, all floor, wall, and ceiling finishes.  We have placed the locations of all lighting fixtures and basic understanding of where they are to be switched. 
  • he design set is ready for pricing at this time.

This phase begins once we are completely set on the design!  This is where all of the details come together and everything is incorporated into the final Construction set so that the builder knows exactly what steps need to be taken in order to bring the design to life.  We add a ton of detail here so that everything is laid out before we begin construction, this is A-typical for residential projects, but we believe it’s extremely important for a successful project!

  • Add detail to all floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, and elevations.
  • Add necessary detail drawings to convey design intent.
  • Coordinate any special language pertaining to healthy homes that should be included in the Specifications. (Project clean-up instructions and any other special procedures)

Now that your plans have been submitted, priced, and reviewed, you’re waiting to build or you’re in the process of building, YAY!  In this phase, we’re here to continue holding your hand as you move through the process and support you and the contractor as questions come up.  We review submittals to confirm the correct items are being ordered and push subs to stay on track with long lead items/change items.

  • Changes that come up due to availability of a product, pricing, lead times, etc.
  • Questions that pop up on site by the builder regarding plans. 
  • Review submittals of items to be purchased
  • Review millwork shop drawings and other specialty items



Pricing starts at $8,000, but total project cost is estimated after Visioning Session where we deep dive into your project scope.

Ready to get started?  All projects begin with a Visioning Session.  Schedule your Visioning today for only $600 and we will meet via zoom to review your project in detail.  During this call we will provide design guidance and make note of all of your goals.  We use the information from this session to begin designing your room or home.  If you don’t wish to continue with us after the Visioning Session, there’s no commitment and we hope to provide you with a good starting point for your project.

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