altered space consulting for small renovations

This is for the health conscious homeowner who’s building back a bathroom or kitchen (or other misc. areas of the home) after a mold remediation (or maybe just for fun!)

Maybe your health was impacted or maybe you know the risks your environment can have on your health – regardless, you want to make sure you build back these spaces the right way and you’re looking for a Healthy Home Consultant’s guidance on how to prevent future mold growth and toxin exposure. 

We will meet to discuss your project in detail and review the best materials and strategies to get the job done in a way that builds in the insurance you need to know your new bathroom or kitchen is SAFE…  

We will provide you and your team with pre-vetted  product options to select from or review products that you have selected to take the guesswork out of what materials are “healthy”.  We also provide guidelines for installation to make sure your health is considered each step of the way.

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If you’re looking for someone to design the bathroom for you, select all of the materials and put a vision board together showing a new aesthetic and/or new bathroom layout, then you’ll want to hear about our interior design packages!

What's the Process?

In this initial phase, where all of our consulting projects start, we will kick-off your healthy home project by doing an in depth review of wherever you’re at in the process so that we can begin to understand your project, climate, and goals.  We will spend time putting together a comprehensive list of things that can be improved or done to achieve optimal home health and outline your unique critical path steps that will be followed throughout the life of the project. 

  1. You will upload any project documents (floor plans, reports, vision board) to the shared client drive.
  2. We will spend time reviewing your project before our kick-off call.
  3. We will review room adjacencies for health and highlight must have design considerations to prevent mold, avoid chemicals, and reduce EMF exposure.
  4. We have calls to meet the team (if applicable) and discuss how we can best collaborate to support you in achieving your goals!

During this phase, we begin to deeply evaluate products, materials, and strategies for your project.  We look at all building material finishes being used including exterior/interior finishes, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.
We work with your team to make sure your health is considered with each item being considered.

  1. We’ll weigh the pros and cons of different building materials.
  2. Review Finishes, Fixtures (lighting/plumbing), Furnishings (Appliances/furniture) for health.
  3. Review Lighting, Mechanical, and Plumbing strategies (if needed) to promote health.
  4. Strategies to reduce Electromagnetic exposure within the home.
  5. Review of how to implement various moisture management strategies.

As construction begins we continue guiding you and the team as you move through the process.  We follow our lengthy list of checks and balances to make sure everything goes as planned. We provide the quality control needed to successfully implement all of the healthy home strategies discussed.

  1. Make updates based on changes that come up due to inability to get an item, pricing, etc. and questions that pop up on site by the builder or their subs.
  2. We guide the contractor through “best practices” for installs, inspections, cleaning, and protecting your home throughout construction.
  3. We follow-up with the Critical Path outline we created for your project during Schematic Design (SD) and keep an eye on the project and with the team to make sure they’re getting done according to plan to avoid costly mistakes down the road.



What's Included in the price?

Schematic Design Phase

  • In-depth onboarding project review
  • (1) 60 minute Kick-off call to review project details together
  • (1) 30 minute  Conscious Construction Materials + Strategies Call
  • (1) 30 minute contractor call (or 2nd Q+A call)
  • (1) 30 minute follow-up Q+A Call 
  • 1 month of unlimited email support


  • Conscious Construction Guide with pre-vetted materials

Pricing Package is $1,497 

Ready to get started?  All projects begin with a “kick-off” call.  Schedule your project today for only $600 and secure your spot on our calendar. 

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