Where consciousness meets construction + health meets home

From consultation to conscious construction, we act as your healthy home representative and personal advocate effectively communicating your specific needs with you and your project team.  


We believe that the 4 ingredients to a safe, healthy home are proper planning, prevention, purification, and preservation.

With us guiding your (construction, remediation, renovation) project, we’ll ensure your home contributes to your optimal health and wellness so you’re not left with the stress of trying to figure it out all on your own and risking costly mistakes.

We help you eliminate overwhelm, stress, and confusion whether you’re looking to “clean up” your existing environment or construct a new one.



conscious construction container

In our signature group program we educate you as well as provide the tools and resources so know how to build (or renovate) a healthy home from the ground up to reduce the threats of mold, chemicals, and EMFs.


1:1 personalized construction Consulting

Don't have the time to manage your renovation or new build yourself? We join your team to coordinate your healthy home goals with other project members to make sure your healthy home dreams seamlessly come to life!


90 minute deep dive

This is where ALL projects begin at Awakening Spaces. Whether you're looking to renovate or build new and want 1:1 support or whether your looking to create a balanced environment that supports health and happiness. We take a deep dive into your project and goals to provide you with the best next steps.


book a follow-up consultation

For all of our returning clients, if you've already connected through one of our other packages, but you need additional, one-off support -- we've got you. Book a consultation here to get on our calendar ASAP.


healthy home maintenance

In this 116 page "Awakened Homeowner" guide, we share information on when and how to maintain your home so you can preserve your most precious assets, your home and health!


book a free clarity call

If you're still not sure what offer is right for you, or you want to meet us before diving in -- feel free to schedule a free clarity call where we can determine if we're an aligned energy match!

other guides and resources to support your healthy home journey


duct cleaning guide

Our ducts are the lungs of our homes. In this guide, we will teach you what to look out for when selecting a duct cleaning company so you don't damage your ducts and get scammed in the process of doing so.


healthy home office

free new home search guide

Looking for a new home? Check out our home search guide where we provide you with a checklist of items to keep in mind when looking for your next healthy home so you can avoid costly mistakes and regrets!


free new home outgassing guide

Have you just bought a brand new home that smells like chemicals?! If you want to learn how to quickly outgas your home, the right way, then this guide is for you!

Which Describes You Best:

My health is compromised and I’m wondering if my environment is playing a role OR if you can support me with my emotional health throughout the process.

I’m looking to purchase a new home and would like to prevent getting into something that causes health issues OR I’m wondering how to preserve and maintain my existing home.

I’m a health conscious person who’s planning to renovate an existing home or build a new home and I want to build back to prevent moisture issues, exposure to harmful chemicals, and EMFs.


Still not sure where you’re at?

Schedule a free clarity call to see which offer is right for you. Please note, this call is intended as a meet and greet to see if we are a good energy match and to help clarify which offer is right for you or to provide more clarity on one or more offers.