Your health is compromised.
Is your home?

You’ve likely been managing your health for some time now, ensuring everything you put in your body is good for you, and now it’s time to make changes to your space so you can actually experience a change in your symptoms and prevent your chronic issues from running your life.

The finishes used are only one aspect of creating a healthy home, but a healthy home strategy starts way before the finishes are selected and continues long after you have moved into your new space.

By helping you clean up your existing environment or assisting and managing the construct of a new, healthy one, our trained and certified team can eliminate your overwhelm, stress, and confusion.

Because your home should be part of the solution, not the problem.

Work With Us
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Ashley Realm

Healthy Home Consultation

$200 Investment
Join me for a 60-minute Zoom consultation where I’ll answer all your questions about your home’s needs. Think of this as a one-on-one Q&A where we talk through solutions to your needs and provide any applicable resources you may need to bring you closer to achieving a healthy home.

Healthy home Strategy Session

$600 minimum investment

We evaluate your current environment, new home purchase, or new build for red flags and things that might be putting your health at risk.  We spend time prior to our meeting assessing the details and then we’ll go through our findings together on a 90 minute ZOOM call where we support you through your most pressing healthy home dilemma. 

interior design + consulting

$2700 Minimum Investment

We can help you bring your entire health-conscious Interior Design project to life.  Whether it’s picking out flooring and fixtures, supporting your existing team with health conscious alternatives, or providing you with a complete set of interior design documents and acting as the lead interior designer — we’ve got you covered. 

monthly support package

Just learning that your home is playing a role in your health? Looking for support in moving to a new home or just want a guide on your side to help you navigate how to create a healthy environment and be there to bounce ideas off of? If so, the monthly support package is right for you. 

Designer for a Day

$1,200 Investment

Are you a DIY’er looking for support on an upcoming renovation project?  Together, in an 8 hour day, we will tackle your most pressing design dilemmas and get your project set up for success.  

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