Your health is compromised. Is your home?

Dealing with environmental illness and chemical sensitivities is complicated.

You’ve likely been trying to manage your health, remediate your home, and build back some semblance of the life you once had. Whether you want to learn how to improve the health of your existing space or you’re ready to build or remodel a new home, we can support you. We can help you create a healthy, non-toxic home that’s a safe space for you to heal and feel good again.


Because your home should be part of the solution, not the problem.


Here’s how we can work together:


01. Interior Design Visioning Session


This is where all of our Interior Design projects start. We thoughtfully provide design solutions to avoid mold, chemical, and EMF exposures within your space.  Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing home, furnishing your space, or looking for design advice we start with a Visioning Session.  No matter what your goals are, at the end of the session you will have clarity on where to start, have insight into what finishes you can use, and know which trades you need to connect with in order to bring your vision to life. 

Investment starts at $500

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“Ashley helped me so much and guided me through the process of a full home renovation. I deal with mold illness and chemical sensitivities so having non toxic and mold resistant materials was crucial for me. Ashley provided me with guides every step of the way, gave me multiple product suggestions, called companies for me, and was kind and responsive along the way. I would highly recommend working with her. ”

Ariel Mantzoor


02. Whole Home Strategy Session


Curious how your home might be impacting your health? The Whole Home Strategy Session looks at your home holistically to see what might be impacting your health. After this session you will have clarity on what factors are playing into your environment, what you can do to solve them, and how to maintain your home to prevent future issues from occurring. You walk away with a 20+ page custom plan outlining your home’s unique Strategy Plan with resources to help you achieve this. Leave feeling empowered that you know what to do to keep you and your family safe and healthy at home.

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“Mold exposure can be such a confusing, overwhelming thing to navigate, but Ashley does such an amazing job of having compassion for everyone’s experience while integrating her deep knowledge of healing from toxins. Being in such a vulnerable position with health issues, Ashley is the perfect person to hold space for everyone’s unique circumstances, and using her expertise to provide hope in healing. ”

Halle Madeleine


03. Healthy Home Consultation


Do you have questions regarding mold, chemicals, or EMFs in your home? Need a second opinion on a home inspection report? Curious to know what to look for when buying a new home? Searching for resources on how to create a healthier environment or just have questions you want to work through with someone? Bring all of your burning questions to a 60 minute session where we will meet on ZOOM to go over whatever you’re working through right now.

we offer consultations for $150

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