general FAQ

If you’re looking for someone to design a space for you, select all of the materials and put a vision board together showing a new aesthetic and/or new bathroom layout, then our interior design services are perfect for you.  All of our interior design projects start with a Visioning Session which allows us to provide you feedback on your project and take a deep dive into your project goals. 

If you’re looking for a healthy home advocate to be an integral part of your team and lead the charge making sure your healthy home goals are properly executed, but not looking for someone to design your space, our renovation and new build consulting packages are perfect for you!

We offer our services all over the world and meetings are done via Zoom. 

At this time, we do not currently offer full service interior design outside of the US, but we can offer any of our other services via Zoom.

Absolutely, we can support our clients on an hourly basis so if your needs don’t fit within the confines of our packages we have flexibility to add additional time to your project.

Schedule a clarity call and we can find or create the support you need.

The sooner we can be brought onto the project the better, this way, if there’s recommendations we have that you might not have considered, you won’t have to backtrack on the work that you’ve paid other consultants or architects to do.  There’s so many things to consider at every step of the process, we support you throughout the entire process so you don’t risk making costly mistakes. 

All we ask for travel is to be reimbursed for our flights, accommodations, and a stipend for food.  We charge $50/hour for each hour of travel time (car or plane) and $200/hour for time spent on site.

No, I can provide you with suggestions and help you vet team members, but your Agreement will be with the contractor.  On full service interior design projects,we act as your representative and coordinate with the contractor to make sure the projects runs smooth and everyone is on the same page.

We believe that any home can be healthy and that there are always things we can do to make better decisions for our home, just like our bodies.  Additionally, we can help you put together a high level list of items for pricing before we commit to working together.

Awakening Spaces considers a home safe and healthy when it is thoughtfully designed, planned, and executed with durability in mind.  A healthy home should prevent health issues that stem from water damaged buildings and materials. A healthy home should limit your exposure to harmful, man-made chemicals that are extremely common in today’s building products and materials, and it should also prevent exposure to harmful non-native electromagnetic frequencies.  There are numerous studies and evidence showing the negative impacts of mold, bacteria, chemicals, and non-native electromagnetic frequencies.  We can’t always control what we’re exposed to outside of our homes but we have control over what we’re exposed to inside of our homes.

interior design services FAQ

All projects, no matter what size, start with a paid ($500.00) 2 hour Visioning Session.

  1. After we understand the scope of your project in more detail from our session, we will put together and Estimate of project costs. 
  2. Full service interior design projects have a minimum cost of $3000.00.
  3. Interior Design Consulting services start at $500 (Visioning Session) and are based on an hourly rate of $150.00/hour.
  4. Our Full-Service Interior Design partnership begins when the client signs their Agreement and makes a 20% deposit on their total project estimate. 
  5. After the deposit has been made the client journey often look like this:
  • Client onboarding/Existing Conditions:  We will schedule all of your project dates on our calendar to begin working on your project. Client will provide Awakening Spaces with any applicable drawings or files of the floor plan and provide dimensions, and photos of the space.
  • Schematic Design:  Awakening spaces will use this information as well as the notes from the Visioning Session to put together a existing background drawing to work off of. We will also gather inspiration images and start your project Finish Board.
  • Design Development: Awakening spaces will put together a Finish Floor Plan, Elevations, 3D sketches, and Visioning Board to review with you on a Design Development zoom call. This is where we will present the design to you for your feedback.  After the DD (Design Development) call we will make any changes or revisions needed based on your feed back.
  • Construction Documents: Once the design is settled on, Awakening Spaces will provide you, the client, detailed drawings and specifications to your contractor.  using the information gathered in the design stage, we detail and outline every last bit of the design so there’s not as many questions during construction. 
  • Contract Administration: If you choose, we can support you after the design drawings and specifications have been delivered.  We can help you oversee your project while the contractors are working in your space.  We work with your contractor and make changes as necessary to fit preferences, budget, and vision.
  • Project Close Out:  After the project is complete and the final invoice has been paid, you will receive The Awakened Homeowner; our complete homeowner maintenance guide and how to properly take care of your new space. 
  • Depending on project scope of your project, your client journey may look different, but this is a general outline for a Full-Service Interior Design Project. 

Every Awakening Spaces design service requires a Visioning Session so we can establish your vision, budget, wants and needs. We will be able to answer any design and/or environmental health questions you may have and we’ll get clear on your project scope before getting started on a larger design project; this will also determine which Interior Design service fits your needs best. Once we are super clear on your project goals and familiar with your project we will provide you with an Estimate of what we think it will cost to complete the design work. After the Visioning Session, if you choose to sign on for longer term design support you will pay a deposit and we will schedule your project on our calendar.

In this 2-hour Zoom consultation, we’ll discuss the vision for your project and an estimated design scope based on your completed Visioning Questionnaire. Together, we’ll determine the goals of your interior design project and we’ll be able to put together an estimate of time needed to complete your project. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing home, furnishing your space, or looking for design advice, a Visioning Session is the perfect way to get started and is where every interior design project starts. This consultation allows you to ask questions and receive advice to all of your design dilemmas but it also gives us a thorough understanding of the scope of your project so we are able to provide you with an Estimate for additional services.

The Construction Documents make sure everything is crystal clear on the plans so that there’s no question or confusion when construction begins. The final Construction Documents will shows where transition lines are between flooring and wall finishes, paint color locations, Floor finish and wall finish locations, Schedules calling out all of the product data so it can be easily ordered, new lighting fixtures are called out and shown in their locations, Plumbing fixtures are called out and shown in the locations where they need to go. The Construction Documents also show Elevations of tiled walls and shows where the tiles stops/ends and which tile to start at to make sure the patterns align, and tile heights, etc.  The Construction documents allow you to easily look at the plans and know exactly where everything is going and how it is to be installed. This is huge in conveying your goals to the contractor so there aren’t as many questions when construction starts.  We follow industry standards to easily convey information to your team.  

We design everything using nature as the gold standard and to Building Biology principles. We determine your unique health challenges and only suggest options that we feel will be healthy for you. We do not replace a doctor or medical practitioner, but we strive to provide options that we feel meet a very strict criteria for health.

Architects and interior designers both play crucial roles in the design and construction of buildings, but they have distinct focuses and responsibilities.

Architects primarily focus on the overall design and functionality of a building’s structure or envelope (exterior walls, foundation, roof, windows, doors) They are responsible for creating the building’s blueprint, ensuring it complies with local building codes and regulations, and overseeing the construction process. Architects deal with the building’s exterior, structural integrity, and its integration with the surrounding environment.

Interior designers, on the other hand, concentrate on the interior spaces of a building. They are concerned with the space planning, aesthetics, functionality, and comfort of the interior environment. Interior designers select finishes and materials, layout furniture, plan lighting and plumbing fixtures, select color schemes, materials, and other decorative elements to create a cohesive and visually pleasing interior space.  We are unique in that we are certified building biologists, building scientists, and passive house tradespersons so although we are interior designers we also consult with architects on the building envelope as well to make sure that the building envelope is durable and prevents future water damage. 

The primary difference between a licensed interior designer and a non-licensed interior designer is the legal recognition and authorization to practice the profession. This distinction varies by jurisdiction (state or country), as licensing requirements for interior designers are not consistent worldwide.  Technically, if a designer is not licensed by the National Certification of Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) they shouldn’t call themselves an “interior designer”, they would technically be an interior decorator.  Awakening Spaces has been licensed by the NCIDQ and continues their education to keep their license current and update date.

This varies from project to project, but the design process takes anywhere from 1-2 months to finalize.

You can be as little or as much involved as you would like to be!  Technically, we can design an entire space with little involvement on your end except for all of the various approval check points.  If you like everything, we work to make sure it is all documented and outlined for the contractor to build.  Sometimes, our clients want to be really involved, and we love that, too!  We make sure that whatever ideas you bring to the table get implemented in a way that they’re not overlooked by the contractor and they contractor knows exactly how to put all of the pieces together to bring your vision to life.

conscious construction consulting
(reno + new build)

A successful renovation has an interior designer, healthy home consultant (or a healthy home consultant who is an interior designer!), a contractor or subcontractors, potentially a mechanical engineer (if you are updating the HVAC), an electromagnetic radiation specialist, and a mold inspector on call for when the walls are opened up.  We support you in finding the right team for your project!

All of our consulting packages come with a list of our pre vetted materials list that you can use as a basis for selecting finishes.  If you want more guidance than just finishes, you would select the New Build Consulting, Renovation Consulting, or Altered Space package.  If you want guidance only on materials and finishes, you would select the “Mindful Materials” package. 

 If you want us to select all of the finishes and put together the design palette, you would want to select our “Interior Design” package. 

When you bring us on as a consultant, we are typically a very involved member of the team.  We work closely to collaborate with your team and make sure that everything that needs to be done pertaining to the health of the home is thoughtfully considered and implemented.  If you are looking for less involvement, the “mindful materials package” and “Altered Space” packages would be better for you.

environmental analysis faq

No, but if you have already done some testing we love to see those results.  We will provide you with guidance on what you actually need to test and how to properly test your home during our first session, so there’s no need to get testing done beforehand.