emf assessment

If you’re looking to know how electromagnetic radiation is playing a role in your home and your health – we can help.

Electromagnetic fields, often abbreviated as EMFs, are composed of oscillating electric and magnetic waves that propagate through space at the speed of light. EMFs are an intrinsic part of our daily lives, as they are generated by various natural sources, including the Earth’s magnetic field.  Light from the sun is even an EMF.  Over time, humans have harnessed the power of electricity to produce artificial or “non-native EMFs” through technologies like radio waves, microwaves, and the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. While EMFs play a crucial role in modern communication, technology, and scientific understanding, they have also raised concerns regarding potential health risks in prolonged exposure, sparking ongoing research in this area.

In today’s world, our homes are a huge source of electro-pollution.  From our building wiring, appliances, smart devices, and all of the other electronics that we bring into our home we can’t catch a break.

Luckily, there’s so much that we can do to limit and prevent exposure within our own home environment, but first we need to assess where the home is at and what exposures are currently at play.

The only way to truly understand what you’re being exposed to in your home is through an in-home EMF assessment where we will measure four different types of non-native electromagnetic radiation, Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, Radio Frequencies, and Dirty Electricity. 


  • Assess current levels of exposure to Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, Radio Frequencies, and Dirty Electricity within your home.
  • Provide mitigation strategies that can be implemented to reduce exposure to any high fields. 
  • Assessments typically take between 3-4 hours depending on the findings and size of the home. 


Pricing varies depending on the size of the home, but assessments are billed at an hourly rate. Typical project cost between $600-$1200 depending on the size of your home and what we find. Start by scheduling a call with us to share what’s going on and we can provide you with more information and an estimate for your project.

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