WE BELIEVE Prevention and Maintenance are the most effective ways to create a safe space that allows your body the capacity to heal.


Begin Your awakened homeowner Journey Today



Every inch of your space and “detox” your home environment.


Mold and bacteria growth and exposure to harmful chemicals and EMFs.


Your home (your largest investment) and what’s left of your sanity!

I completely understand what you’re going through…

When I bought my first home (shoot even when I rented my first home), I had no idea what I needed to do to maintain it, or even that my home might possibly be contributing to my laundry list of health symptoms… I was overwhelmed, confused, and shocked by the amount of effort (and money!) it took to figure out what the problems were and how to resolve them.  I wish my home came with a user manual, like the Awakened Homeowner, so that I didn’t have to look in a million places to figure out how to properly maintain my home.

You’ve probably already learned that your environment can play a role in your health and wellbeing.

Or maybe, this is your first time reading about Home Health.

Regardless, the Awakened Homeowner is for the conscious consumer (like you!) looking to improve their environment so that they can improve their holistic health, because we (here at Awakening Spaces) understand that your well-being is more than just diet and exercise. 

the awakened homeowner is you guide to a healthy home

In this 100+ page guide, we walk you through everything you need to begin and/or continue your healthy home journey.   The Awakened Homeowner is your one stop shop to detox your home and purify every inch of your sacred space.  We teach you how to prevent disasters from ruining your home and your health.  Preserve your sanity as you follow our easy to understand roadmap to a healthier home. 

what's inside?

This 110+ page document is intended to support you with PRESERVING your largest asset, your home and your health!  Inside you can find everything you need to know to begin your healthy home journey.
  • The Foundations of a Healthy Home
  • Maintenance Checklists for every season, month, and room by room
  • Vacation Prevention Checklists
  • How to “detox” your home (Cleaning supplies, personal care products, home goods, and proper moisture management)
  • Master Cleaning Toolbox
  • Bathroom Detox + Maintenance Guide
  • Kitchen Detox + Maintenance Guide
  • Laundry Detox + Maintenance Guide
  • Bedroom Detox + Maintenance Guide
  • Bedroom Furnishing Guide
  • Furnishing and Decor Guide for the whole home
  • Cleaning Procedures for the home (duct cleaning guide, humidifiers + dehumidifiers, Dishwashers, refrigerators, Ovens and other appliances, bathroom cleaning procedures, mechanical procedures and maintenance + so much more)
  • EMFs: How to create a healthier electro-climate and deep dive into the 4 EMFs we look at as Building Biologists