Photo of Ashley plugging in a tool to test a space

After realizing my environment was playing a role in my own health and also the health of those who I love dearly, I decided to dig deeper into my understanding of interior design and our built environment.  I listened to podcasts and had heard Building Biologists share information, I was fascinated by concepts I had … Read more

When I talk about non-toxic cleaning products and swapping your everyday cleaning products for things that are less harmful to our endocrine systems, people often ask me what I use. There’s really nothing fancy about the products I use to clean my home and best of all, these 4 products can be used to clean … Read more

Photo of Ashley putting together tile samples for interior design

Interior designer vs interior decorator. Is there a difference? A common misconception is that Interior Designers are “decorators”, but did you know that Interior design professionals have to go through rigorous schooling and examinations in order to gain the title, of “Interior Designer”. Although interior designers are often called interior decorators and do also do … Read more