avoid mold in the home

Understanding how to avoid mold in the home is so important for our wellness. For almost a year I watched my best friend struggle with mystery symptoms that paralyzed her ability to live her life. She went from doctor to doctor trying to find answers. No one was able to figure out the root of … Read more

healthier bed

Our bedrooms are the place where we rest and repair each night. Every day, we encounter things in the world that put stress on our bodies. Our bodies are under constant attack from a variety of stressors from environmental pollutants and chemicals to emotional stress that is caused by different aspects of living our lives. … Read more

healthy home

Having a healthy home doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the foundation for a healthy home consists mostly of the free activities we should be doing on a regular basis in order to maintain a clean, healthy environment. Buying fancy organic bed sheets and non-toxic furniture will only get you so far if you’re … Read more

healthy home office

Do you ever feel completely drained after a long day of work sitting behind your computer? We spend hours behind our computers, next to our internet routers, with our hands on our wireless or laptop/keyboard, and cell phones close by. We wear our blue blocker glasses to protect our eyes, but there are days when … Read more


Your shower area is smelling a little musty and you think you might have a little mold on the tile and grout. What do you do? The first thing most people think about doing is grabbing the bleach and dousing the shower to get it clean. I’m here to tell you “STOP RIGHT THERE!” Put … Read more

Healthy Renovation

Our homes have the ability to nurture our health or harm it. A healthy environment is just as important as drinking clean water, eating healthy, clean food, moving our bodies, getting sunshine, laughing, and taking care of our mental and emotional health. Here are 3 main things to consider in a healthy renovation to make … Read more


As a teenager I used to go to this old abandoned home in the woods, we called it “Old Lady Loftus’ House.” At the time, I had no knowledge of the things that could develop in a home that was left sitting for so long. Yet still, we would enter the musty, dusty home to … Read more

The holidays are right around the corner and along with that are lots of delicious home-cooked meals, slowing down a bit, and spending time with family and friends. As we give thanks for our health and the health of others, it only seems fitting to talk about how the cookware we are using to create … Read more

mold illness hepa filtered vacuum cleaners

A good vacuum cleaner is the staple of any healthy home. We’re often asked what vacuums we recommend to people struggling with mold illness, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. So we decided to put together a small list of our favorite vacuum cleaners for allergies, covering a range of price options. qualities to look for in … Read more