we help you navigate the process of creating a safe, healthy space.

Ashley has combined her knowledge of healthy environments considering the mind, body, spirit, and space.  Awakening Spaces takes a multi-prong approach to creating health-conscious homes. We’ve seen and personally experienced the hazards of harmful environmental exposures like… 

mold & bacteria, 

harmful chemicals, 

And EMFs 

and how they can deprive you of your sense of self and safety.  By eliminating physical toxins, designing a space using building science principles and honoring the rhythms of nature and the study of quantum biology, it is our goal to help you restore your sense of safety in your sacred space.

Hi, I’m Ashley!

CEO, licensed Interior Designer, + Building Biologist 

After years of struggling with mysterious health issues, I tested positive for mycotoxins in my system—opening my eyes up to the world of toxic mold.  After diving into all of the things needed to improve my health, I recognized the important role our environment can have on all of our bodies systems. Mold was an important factor, but I quickly learned mold isn’t the only thing in our environment that can harm our health.  Awakening Spaces was born out of my newfound knowledge of mold, bacteria, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation and married with my interior design knowledge of acoustics, comfort, color psychology, and aesthetics to support those seeking to create a healthy space that aligns with the rhythms that nature intended for us. 

Ashley is licensed by the National Council of Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ), LEED general associate (LEED GA), a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,  and is currently certified as a Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT), Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), and pursuing a New Build Consultant (BBNC) with the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (IBE).

During my late college years, I slowly developed an array of chronic uncomfortable symptoms (brain fog, memory loss, ruminating thoughts and depression, gut imbalances, auto-immunity, hormone imbalances, weight gain, chronic fatigue)—and didn’t have a clear direction on where to look for answers. 

My journey led me to expanding on my Interior Design degree by attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and developed a holistic outlook on health. While my studies and new passions brought me to experiment with using food as medicine, my symptoms persisted. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted searching for answers.

Eventually I began working with a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, where I learned I was positive for mycotoxins (mold toxins). Learning this opened my eyes to the way our environment and the products and materials we come in contact with every day can impact our health and build up in our systems over time creating a cascade of symptoms.

As an interior designer, everything I knew came crashing down when I learned the critical role our environment plays on our health and that “sustainable” doesn’t always mean “healthy.”  In fact, there is a big difference between the two.

It became apparent that as a society—as architects, designers, and consumers—our education and knowledge about how each material and system affects our long-term health is minimal at best. Since then, it’s been my mission to change this narrative by increasing awareness and education efforts and helping health-conscious homeowners create spaces that are built and designed with their well-being in mind.

I continue to deepen my knowledge daily on building science and the physics of how heat, moisture, and air move through our buildings, the critical role that light plays in our health and how we can use the earth’s magnetic field for healing, and how we can use thoughtful design strategies to bring us closer to nature through our own homes and spaces. 

Hi, I’m Megan!

Integrative + Holistic Health Practitioner + Certified Mold Inspector

After struggling with lifelong health issues, I became increasingly interested in the root cause of not only my health issues, but how my environment had played a critical role in the manifestations of my chronic illness.  

After starting to work with clients assessing their homes, I started becoming fascinated with the intricacies of our buildings, their construction and ultimately, why they might fail. I’m currently pursuing certifications in building science to expand my knowledge and better serve my clients. 

Megan is an integrative health practitioner (IHP), board certified holistic health practitioner (HHP) and certified mold inspector (CMI). Additionally, she’s spent hours studying Building Science principles as they relate to creating healthy environments and continues to take courses and webinars to further her understanding of building systems and how they fail.


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